SecOSdays in Sofia, Bulgaria

25-26 October, 2019 - Sofia, Bulgaria

Welcome to our two-days conference about Open Source Security!

The Mission of the Secure Open Source days didn't change since we've met in Germany last year and in the Netherlands this May: focus on discussing and sharing awareness of, knowledge around and guidance through the broad spectrum of Open Source Security.

Maria Totova - keynote speaker at SecOSdays Sofia

The Open Source Community: A Place for All

What makes every Open Source community amazing and how does it feel to be part of it? This session will focus on the principles and values which build the foundation of a safe and comfortable environment for all.

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Preston So, keynote speaker at SecOSdays Sofia

The future of security in the decoupled CMS landscape

Protecting our users and their data has always been one of the most critical prerogatives for both traditional content management systems (CMS) and their younger counterparts...

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