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Ayesh Karunaratne
Ayesh Karunaratne - freelancer PHP/Drupal Web Developer
Ayesh Karunaratne is a freelance software developer with a passion for software performance, architecture, security and street food. He maintains a few security-related plugins for Drupal/Wordpress, and has discovered vulnerabilities in open source software too. 
Balazs Janos Tatar
Balazs is known as tatarbj, lives in Brussels, Belgium. His current role is at the European Commission is an IT Security Analyst and Drupal Security Correspondent, also being a Provisional Member of the Drupal Security Team, security researcher and contributing to the Drupal community.
Diogo Constantino
Diogo Constantino - Software Development Specialist & Community Builder @ Findmore Consulting

Diogo is a GNU/Linux user for 18 year, a developer and developer environment professional with knowledge of systems administration, networking and a keen interest on security and privacy. He's specialized in Free Software/Open Source Technologies.

Apart of being member of many organisations, he is the community manager in Ubuntu Portugal Local Community. He contributes as marketeer, social media manager, developer evangelist, and other ways for the UBpots community and Foundation. The community that develops an Ubuntu based operating system

Drew Webber
Drew Webber - Principal Security Analyst @ Acquia

Drew's been a geek for longer than he cares to remember, an active member of the Drupal community for over a decade, is a Member of the Drupal Security Team, has contributed to core and is the (co-)maintainer of several contrib modules. He is a Principal Security Analyst in Acquia's Incident Response Team.

Joan van de Swaluw
Joan van de Swaluw - Managing Consultant @ Glasswall

Joan is the Managing Consultant at Glasswall BV, a Dutch-based cybersecurity company specialized in creating security awareness and new insights. We do this by supplying our customers with actionable information, learning through new experiences and the fruits of specialized tooling.

Lawri van Buël
Lawri van Buël - Software Quality Assurance @ 040lab

Lawri van Buël is a long time user and promoter of Open Source, starting at his time with Studie vereninging (Studie association) Overflow and its dispuut (sister association) Interlink (source of the InterLinkSearchEngine or ILSE.nl once upon a time).

After graduating from the Fontys Information Technology, he worked as a software test engineer for Philips Research.

Max Madl

Max is the CTO and Co-founder of App Guard, a SaaS for Update Automations. He is a passionate business computer scientist and his focus turned to Open Source technologies that he loves to talk about - you can meet him in Drupal events all around the globe.

Preston So
Preston So - Principal Product Manager @ Gatsby


Preston So is a product strategist, innovation lead, developer advocate, researcher, speaker, and author of Decoupled Drupal in Practice (Apress, 2018).


A globally recognized voice on decoupled Drupal and subject matter expert in areas including the decentralized web and conversational design, Preston is Principal Product Manager at Gatsby, where he works on improving Gatsby’s developer experience, evangelizing its ecosystem, and enabling product development.

Rodrigo Panchiniak
Rodrigo Panchiniak - Software IT Architect @ European Dynamics

Mr. Rodrigo Panchiniak Fernandes is an experienced Drupal Developer with 10 years of engagement in the Drupal.org community, having contributed with a patch to the Drupal 8 core and several sandboxes modules and one full project (proc).
He is always up to date on new technologies and advocates the use of the same within a scenario that does not harm the progress of the company.

Sawssen Bardaoui
Sawssen Bardaoui - Customer Solutions Architect @ Platform.sh

Sawssen Bardaoui, Customer Solutions Architect, one of the first female engineers to join Platform.sh. Having helped onboard and support hundreds of companies and organisations, Sawssen has often been recognised for her impeccable customer service.