Rodrigo Panchiniak

Rodrigo Panchiniak
Software IT Architect

Mr. Rodrigo Panchiniak Fernandes is an experienced Drupal Developer with 10 years of engagement in the community, having contributed with a patch to the Drupal 8 core and several sandboxes modules and one full project (proc).
He is always up to date on new technologies and advocates the use of the same within a scenario that does not harm the progress of the company.
Rodrigo began his career working for academic research groups, focused on Content Management Systems implementation. Later on, he started to get involved with the creation of online applications in medium and large corporations.
The initial path of his career was related to working in the areas of page layout, styling content, usability, database diagram, back-end development, requirements gathering, and information retrieval.
As his professional experience kept growing, he had more senior roles as a technical team leader for projects linked to back-end development.
He is focused on delivering quality, test covered code, and ensuring on-time delivery of the projects.
Rodrigo has nearly a decade of experience using Drupal/PHP.